What We Do

what_we_do_largeThe Summit Consulting Group is a full service public affairs firm that provides management consulting services to political campaigns, public relations and corporate clients. From government relations, to message development, fundraising to coalitions, Summit Group can deliver on whatever you need to win.

Services We Provide:

Media Relations and Crisis Communications

The team at Summit Group has extensive experience in media relations and crisis communications. From writing and pitching editorials, to acting as spokesman for high profile candidates and causes, we can meet and exceed at whatever issue you are facing with the media.

We manage an in house media database system so that your message can get to its intended targets, plus we have personal relationships with leading print, radio and television reporters, editors and producers. At Summit, we help take you to the next level, preparing our clients through extensive media training to speak to the media.

Summit also provides real time media monitoring through the Critical Mention platform, which allows clients to see instant results and provides estimated audience levels plus calculating the dollar value of segments.

When it comes to crisis communications you want to be with the firm that has been there before. Summit has worked with high profile leaders who faced criminal charges, companies facing intense media scrutiny, developed plans to mitigate these issues and provide a solid messaging plan to get your message out.

Polling, Surveys, and Market Research

Today’s political climate requires the proper tools to make the best and most sound political and business decisions. The right tools are information and knowledge – and our experienced professionals have both.

The Summit Group provides a broad range of research services. If you are a candidate that needs to know what your chances of winning are, if you have a development project and want to know how the neighbors will react or if you don’t know what to ask to build your business, but know you have to – we can help.

Our research and experience will help you find the answers to “what will work”, “what won’t”, and what is the best plan for your client or project. And with our experience we can provide you with the plan to get where you want to go. Summit will provide in-depth analysis of survey results and interpret the findings so you can understand what they mean. We will provide you with a course of action. Summit will provide you with confidential, objective and independent answers to the questions you need answered to move forward. Call us. We can help.

Political Consulting & Campaign Management

Summit offers candidates for public office and ballot initiatives a unique blend of experience and services that will ensure the success of any political campaign.

We know firsthand what works, what doesn’t and why. Our background provides our clients with a unique perspective of all forms of political campaigns of all types. We provide the research and strategic recommendations on how to win – and we will tell you if we find you can’t. Using our strategic experience we will evaluate your campaign needs, whether for a candidate or ballot issue, answer the questions “why” and “how”, and provide you with a clear-cut campaign action plan – including supporter development and persuasion messages – to achieve victory.

We know how to effectively combine the vehicles of direct mail, phones, early ballot programs and media to make sure victory is achieved on election day, if not before via early voting.

Voting early continues to increase exponentially by Arizona Voters as each election cycle passes. In many cities and towns throughout Arizona, the election is virtually decided by the results of early ballots, in most cases, cast 20-30 days before regular Election Day.

Effective communication and persuasion is essential to a successful effort. Coordination, timing and message must be communicated, on target, to the right voters, in order to win. The Summit Consulting Group has the proven track record of executing well-coordinated and well-timed early ballot campaigns that win. Proposition 202 (Citizen’s Growth Management Initiative) started the 2000 election cycle behind almost 65%-35% by all published polls.

The Summit Consulting Group’s early ballot campaign went to work statewide in each of Arizona’s 15 counties with a mail and phone program that ensured all early ballot voters were contacted within 24-48 hours of receiving their ballot. The final results: a 65%-35% win in early ballots and a total victory of 70%-30%. We can provide the knowledge and the ability to EXECUTE an early ballot campaign, whether it is a statewide or local ballot issue, statewide candidate race, or city council or state legislative race. WHY? We have over seventy-five years of combined experience, a winning track record and a statewide network ready to fulfill our candidate’s needs. Our competitors talk about organization – we have one, one that is experienced and works.

Direct Mail

Summit Group excels at direct mail from concept and design to printing and mailing services. We have mailed more than 30 million pieces, for candidates, ballot committees and advocacy groups.

It all starts with market data. Through an in house proprietary system we can identify individuals based on myriad of consumer data, layered on with intense survey work we identify individuals who are persuadable, and then develop a solid predictive analysis, we deliver the right message points to help move them to your side. This is not only cost effective, but can greatly expand target universes to maximize every dollar spent.

We will work with your team on graphic design and then handle the rest, ensuring your mail schedule stays on track and so that your targets will hear you.

Television Advertising

When it comes to delivering your message, television advertising continues to be your most important tool. At Summit, we work with your team to conduct message development so that the right messages hit the right audiences.

Through our innovative data management system we can take the placement of your ads to the right people, instead of just traditional broadcast advertising, we use our market data and predictive analysis to use broadcast and cable advertising to reach the viewers you need to talk to.

Placing over twenty million dollars in television advertising we know how to spend you televisions dollars wisely.

We will handle script development, production and post-production services and placement. Take a look at some of our work.

Advocacy, Government Relations and Coalitions

At Summit we work to make sure your voice is heard in the halls of Congress, at the Legislature, with federal agencies and even at the local level. When legislation or rule making is in the drafting stages, or even after it has been implemented ongoing advocacy can be critical to your company’s overall financial success.

For us, government relations is an ongoing educational endeavor, making sure that law makers and staff fully understand what the net affects are for any policy they are considering.

We also work with and develop coalitions to help advance policy objectives. From organizing with other allied businesses to finding community leaders willing to take up your cause, coalition management and advocacy success go hand in hand.


We offer a complete array of fundraising services both for political campaigns and non-profit organizations. Whether raising funds through traditional methods of event planning, direct mail solicitations or telemarketing fundraising, Summit knows how to raise money to get your message out.

Through our system of profiling donors and using language that compels the respondent to give, your candidate or campaign can count on results. Summit has raised millions of dollars for political candidates and non-profit causes. Most recently, Summit was the architect that raised $1.2 million in just eight months for a local elected official.

Ballot Access

If you are facing a filing deadline and need petition signatures quickly – we know how.

There is more to gathering signatures than most people think or come close to understanding. Few businesses allow people to stand outside and ask for signatures and the Supreme Court has ruled that petitions cannot be passed at the Post Office.

Strong organizational skills, knowledge and experienced manpower make it happen. If you are a candidate for public office or you have an issue your group wants on the ballot – call us. We know how to get it done – successfully AND legally.

In 2002, the Summit Consulting Group collected over 241,000 signatures for Proposition 202 (Indian gaming initiative) in just 34 days!

More recently, Summit collected over 225,000 signatures for Proposition 206 (Arizona Non-Smoker Protection Act) in just 37 days!

Grassroots & Community Outreach

Too many times a small group of vocal residents stop or derail well planned developments because the majority of neighbors who support the project are not there. Summit specializes in working with neighbors, builders and zoning attorneys to find the support for your project that is already there, and develop new support within the area. Many times opposition to zoning applications can be mitigated or resolved before hearing day.

Our grass roots program can make sure your project is not dead in the water before you even start.

For political campaigns, we will send professional, experienced and knowledgeable staff into areas to register voters, collect signatures, and identify voters within political districts.

Additionally, we have experience running and managing corporate giving programs to help maximize earned media opportunities for the company.

Phone Bank Services

Summit operates a state-of-the-art computer assisted call center specializing in small to mid-sized projects. We meet the deadlines that our clients demand. We can assign between one and 110 interviewers to each project. Our stock-in-trade is small to mid-size projects that demand intensive supervision and our complete attention. However, we are fully capable of executing large projects that reach thousands and thousands of voters or contacts.

Whether it’s identifying voters who sympathize with your candidacy or cause, contacting them to get out and vote, or educating voters on an important issue in their district or state, Summit has the technology and manpower to get the job done.

Through our phone banks and interviewers we offer services such as opinion polls, data collections, customer/parent satisfaction surveys, prospect list updating, client list updating, product and services promotion and voter contact.

Automated Calls & Surveys

Today’s campaigns and marketing strategies are about effective use of your campaign dollars. The Summit Group’s state-of-the-art automated call programs allow our clients to reach a large volume of voters or a targeted audience quickly, effectively and at a low cost. We can deliver your 20-60 second recorded message to both answering machines and live answers. Many times in a campaign it is necessary to respond to an attack or issue development immediately. The Summit Group can literally have you responding and educating thousands of voters in less than an hour. Automated calls are the single most cost-efficient method to reach your targeted audience.

More and more candidates for political office are utilizing automated surveys to determine their positions in a race for public office. Using straightforward questions to a targeted demographic, the candidate can see a “snapshot” of how the race is shaping up and adjust their strategy from there. Automated surveys are inexpensive and effective.

Summit Consulting Group has represented clients at all levels of government. From school boards to city councils to members of Congress, Summit has delivered an overwhelming success rate.

We have over 76 years of Arizona and National experience – providing you the information, the answers and the recommendations to make informed decisions.